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"Going into my second birth experience, I thought about who I wanted on my personal care team. I knew my husband would be there, but I had often wondered what it would be like to have a doula on my team as well. And that's where Becca comes into the picture. We've been friends since childhood, so I knew that she would be a perfect match. What I didn't realize was how knowledgable, calm, and caring she was in a birthing situation. Her L&D nursing background came into play at our first meeting. She was able to remind me of certain practices to help make my pregnancy and birth as smooth as possible. When the time and date came for our little girl to be born, she was available and arrived at the hospital before we did! What I truly appreciated about her being there was her calm and reassuring precense. She truly did advocate for me in the room and made sure my voice was heard. For me, personally, I wanted as natural of a birth experience as possible and Becca made sure I was supported and encouraged in that decision. If you are thinking about hiring a doula to be a part of your care team, do your self a favor and hire Becca!"

"Being a first-time mom, I was skeptical about hiring a doula. After my experience, I can’t imagine giving birth without one. Becca is exceedingly kind. Her positive attitude and grounding demeanor make her the perfect doula.  She patiently listened to all my concerns when drafting a birth plan. I experienced some complications that required me to deliver early. When my situation required me to deviate from my birth plan, Becca guided me to make thoughtful decisions given my options.  Becca communicated with the nurses and my husband to provide me the best care and comfort possible. She helped to educate my husband in assisting with comfort measures. She was very intuitive to all my needs, offering me hydration, coaching my breathing, and adjusting my IV for comfort. I believe that Becca’s assistance during the delivery along with her expertise in birthing positions allowed me to avoid pain medication and a c-section. Becca genuinely checks in on my postpartum progress offering information to help me with any issues I face. I feel empowered, supported, and appreciative when reflecting on the experience. I highly recommend Becca for anyone seeking a doula."



"I am so glad I chose Becca to be my doula. From the first meeting, she was so kind and caring about what I wanted in my birth experience. She wanted me to choose her only if I felt like it was a good fit. She never made it feel forced. She was also very open and willing to talk about anything, offering her opinion but not pushing her views at all. She was readily available even after I gave birth and had a million questions. She helped me feel heard when I was dealing with the baby blues, and checked in on me multiple times. I would definitely recommend her. She was a great resource for me, especially as a first time mom not knowing what to expect. She offers multiple resources. She listens and cares about what her clients want and will advocate for you if you struggle to advocate for yourself. I will definitely be looking to hire her again if I have more kids in the future."

"As I was looking for a doula I was having a hard time finding one in the Indianapolis area at first. I found one that seemed good but I really wanted someone who loved Jesus and could pray with us through this process and especially if things went south during the birthing process. And that's when I found Becca on Instagram. When we first met we instantly clicked. She did a great job of talking through everything with me in our prenatal visits.

When it came time for me to give birth Becca was at the hospital very quickly and was the best supporter and encourager! I will definitely call Becca when it comes time for baby #2!"



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